Malashree Suvedi......मालश्री सुवेदी

Poet, writer, painter, textile artist, installation artist,  performance artist. Currently based in Vienna, from Kathmandu.


Poet, writer, painter, textile atist, installation artist, performance artist. 
Currently based in Vienna, from Kathmandu.



Retrospective to the I
distance, verb
Sometimes in the distance
Untitled Woman*

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2023, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Textile, Woodwork, Light

Through Sieve---through, the divisions between the real artist, Rekha B, who is imagined, and the other artist, who is not imagined, begin to crumble…like dirt. The bed-frame is constructed in collaboration with Rekha, you know the imagined one?-- an 80 year old famous artist, who lives somewhere in the hills of Nepal like a recluse. The upper deck is woven by Rekha, her old body still strong enough to create taut nylon intersections.The bottom deck, woven by the credited artist (MS), becomes a conduit…I want to grow I want to grow, it says. Yet, there is space for dirt, mud-a simple metaphor for foundation, earth, home, belonging- to sieve through. And so it does, the bed was inaugurated somewhere else, it has already been used as a sieve, now there is more dirt here, and now the shadows of these woven pieces interact with each other. It is always on MS’ mind: the various knots that create us, the various narratives that individuals hold, how we look at people through prisms.