Malashree Suvedi......मालश्री सुवेदी

Poet, writer, painter, textile artist, installation artist,  performance artist. Currently based in Vienna, from Kathmandu.


Poet, writer, painter, textile atist, installation artist, performance artist. 
Currently based in Vienna, from Kathmandu.



Retrospective to the I
distance, verb
Sometimes in the distance
Untitled Woman*

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The light is still on,

bright, as the evening sets— -on an on,

the day keeps going, like salmon that swim upstream,

I wanna go down into the shores of labour and solitude—

rise like steam or arms in need of movement, I find it all benign.

I come out as if a specimen from a beaker—

absolutely futile directions, fatalistic and all languid

like crows floating on to you—flying and fading

I become a lender on a bus wondering through the city like a

pelican gauging the temperature of water—

the hummingbird

doesn’t wait for the buzz—

the skies are blue just because—and all logic aside,

I know I’m going to have fun:

on these hills, through these streets, also those narrow windmills,

            it’s so sweet & I/I/I

manage to feel it all.