Malashree Suvedi......मालश्री सुवेदी

Poet, writer, painter, textile artist, installation artist,  performance artist. Currently based in Vienna, from Kathmandu.


Poet, writer, painter, textile atist, installation artist, performance artist. 
Currently based in Vienna, from Kathmandu.



Retrospective to the I
distance, verb
Sometimes in the distance
Untitled Woman*

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April 2020

for all the talk of Foucault,
i have never met a man who loved
to sin as much as I did. And one day-
I might revisit these gates, a time
before mankind was taken away, the word man is a matter of power discourse

the word language is a matter of controversy.

there’s an easy way out of this, become someone who is loved in equal party, always become someone for whom emotions don’t st-st-stutter.
become someone for whom love is a given, and kindness is not pity.

but It is diðcult to become someone you will never be.

Maybe next time
I’ll write a poem that makes sense.